Age categories for this season will be based on the athlete’s age on Dec 31, 2024.


The Leaderboard shows the athletes who have qualified for the National Championships. These are the top 3 males and top 3 females in each category at an ANG Competition. If there are more than 7 athletes in a gender category then the top 50% will qualify (e.g. if there are 8 athletes in a gender category then 4 will qualify; if there are 9 then 4 will qualify, if there are 10 then 5 will qualify etc.). If an athlete has already qualified from a previous competition then a spot will go to the next highest finishing athlete in that category.

Note: On the Excel Spreadsheet (link to download below), each State/Territory has a separate sheet. The Tabs at the bottom of the page will allow you to navigate to different States/Territories

Excel Spreadsheet Showing Athletes Qualifying for the National Championships

Individual Competition Results

New South Wales


February 15, 2024 – CPG

South Australia


Western Australia