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About Australia Ninja Games

Australia Ninja Games (ANG) is the official Ninja League of Obstacle Australia, run by Ninjas for Ninjas.

Each year ANG has a National Championships event with qualifying events held around Australia.

From the ANG National Championships athletes may qualify for the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) World Series held in the USA in July each year and World Obstacle events.

ANG is governed by the Obstacle Australia Board

Obstacle Australia and UNAA are under the guidance of the International governing body, World Obstacle.


Season 7 Issue 1, April, 2023

State Representatives

Each State has a Representative responsible for organising and promoting the sport in their state. State Representatives are listed below:

New South Wales – Cruze Morley

Queensland – Tomas Heikkinen

South Australia – Jacqui Heynen

Victoria – Jake Baker

Western Australia – Nathan Brown

ANG Events

ANG events are conducted under the rules of the UNAA and World Obstacle.

Athletes as young as 6 may compete in ANG competitions in one of the following race categories (separate categories for males and females):

7 years and under

9 years and under

11 years and under

13 years and under

15 years and under



Masters (40+)


Australia Ninja Games (ANG) started in 2018 as a response to other Ninja competitions that had an athlete’s run end with their first failed obstacle. ANG competitions allow three fails on a course, if needed.

The first National Championships were held at The Compound in Melbourne. After numerous delays due to COVID, the second ANG National Championships were held in Canberra in January 2022.

In December 2022 ANG became an inaugural member of Obstacle Australia.

For the 2023 National Championships at Urban Xtreme Brisbane, there were 20 qualifying events with over 330 athletes registering for the event.

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