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RESULTS – Updated Jan 28 9AM

Results from Day 1, Friday January 20 are available here.

Results from Day 2, Saturday January 21 are available here

Results from Day 3, Sunday January 22 are available here

State Champions Trophy Final Standings:

Queensland – 89 points

Victoria – 78 points

NSW/ACT – 42 points

WA – 18 points

SA – 4 points


Friday 20 January 2023 3–9 PM

Saturday 21 January 2023 3–9 PM

Sunday 22 January 2023 3-9 PM.

Host Gym: Urban Xtreme

Urban Xtreme is around 5 kms from Brisbane Airport in an industrial complex (Unit 4, 370 Nudgee Road, Hendra). Entrances to Urban Xtreme are on both Nudgee Road (opposite the Hendra Police Station) and Gerler Road.

For Hotel options nearby please see here

This event is for people who have qualified via State qualifying events and/or those who transferred their registration from the Canberra National Championships (January, 2022).

The event will follow the governing body World Obstacle and it’s league (UNAA) rules, explained here.

The top 5 athletes in each category qualify to be in the Australian Ninja World Team. Members of this team are able to compete in international events such as the 2023 UNAA World Series to be held as part of the Obstacle Sports Expo (3 organisations, 5 Championship Events) in Orlando, Florida July 26-30.


When is the walk through? For heats starting at 3PM the walk through will begin at 2.30PM. For heats starting at other times and the finals the walk through will be 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.

When will athletes receive their race kits? Race kits (Swags) will be provided to Club Managers/Representatives to distribute to their athletes. If you do not receive it this way (e.g. not affiliated with a club) then it will be available at the registration desk from 2PM on each day of the competition.

What are in the race kits? The souvenir shirt, a water bottle, buff, wrist band and sticker.

Can I practice at Urban Xtreme prior to, or on the day of the competition? Urban Xtreme’s Ninja course (and their other activities) are operating on the days before the ANG Nationals Competition. On the days of the competition they will also be offering access to the Ninja course up to 2PM. There may be obstacles that are signed ‘off-limits’ as ANG rules state that you are not allowed to practice on the course obstacles after course reveal. You can see Urban Xtreme’s costs and book and pay to access their Ninja course via their website: The sessions are capped so would be good to book ASAP.

Why is the event starting at 3PM each day? Urban Xtreme’s Ninja course is operating as business-as-usual before 2PM on each day of the competition. We could only get access to their Ninja Course from 2PM as prior to that is their busiest period with Birthday parties etc. During our competition their other activities (Rock Climbing, Trampolines, Dodgeball, Launch Jump, Laser Tag and Snow Sports) will continue to be available for the public. You can see Urban Xtreme’s costs and book and pay to access their activities via their website:

Can an athlete use chalk on the course? Yes, an athlete can use chalk on the course. The support person may carry chalk to offer the athlete during their run. Athletes will also be allowed to wear chalk bags on the course, however, each chalk bag will be considered part of the athlete. Chalk may not be left on the course (e.g. at an obstacle).

How will the half-way and end of an obstacle be defined? This will be obstacle specific, and explained during the course reveal and walk-through.

When will the course reveal occur and how? The courses for all the heats will be revealed via videos available on this web site and the ANG Facebook Page during the evening of Thursday January 19th. If you have any questions after watching the course reveal these can be answered during the walk-through that will occur prior to each wave.

Why do athletes need to wear a State singlet or T shirt during their run and on the podium? This is in agreement with World Obstacle’s policy. It also hopes to promote State patriotism (State vs State rivalry) to support the State Champions Competition

Will athletes be able to warm up? There is a designated warm-up area (see Floor Plan). Athletes should go to the warm-up area at least 15 minutes before their run time. Announcements over the public address system will notify which athletes (race numbers), and when, they should go the warm-up area.

Will athletes need to leave the course after three Fails? Yes, athletes need to leave the course after three fails, or when the 3-minute cut-off time is reached. They would then do ‘Course Feedback’ with the Judges.

How will the winner/finishing order of each race category decided? For each race category there is a heat and a final. The first 10 athletes from the heat compete in the final. In the heats/final the finishing order is decided on points. The most points wins. If athletes are equal on points then the finishing order is decided by time. The time is taken from either 1) the completion of the course or, 2) if an athlete has three fails, the time of the last fail or 3) if the athlete reaches the cut-off time then this time is used.

What happens if there is a draw in a Heat? If athletes have the same number of points and the same time (e.g. timed out at 3 minutes) in a Heat, then the finishing order will be based on the following; 1) Time when they last completed a 2-point obstacle (each course only has 2-point obstacles). If athletes are still equal, then; 2) Time when they finished a 2-point obstacle, but only made it to half-way (scoring system does not give us the time at the half-way point so must use the time finished at this obstacle). If athletes are still equal, then; 3) How many fails they had when they timed-out. The athlete with less fails would be higher in the finishing order. If they are still equal, then; 4) There will be a run-off.

What happens if there is a draw in a final? If athletes have the same number of points and the same time (e.g. timed out at 3 minutes), then the finishing order will be based on their finishing order in the Heat.


Athlete registration has closed. Spectator, volunteer and referee tickets will be available up to the event.

Each athlete’s registration included one spectator for the three days. Additional spectator tickets are available for individuals ($15 for 1 day, $30 for 3 days) or for a family of 4 ($40 for 1 day, $80 for 3 days).

Athletes, support people, spectators, coaches and technical officials all agree to abide by the Codes of Conduct of Obstacle Australia and Australia Ninja Games



Please follow this link to an Excel file containing the run order. The order follows UNAA recommendations: 1) employees first then 2) athletes currently training at the competition venue, then 3) athletes from Brisbane, then 4) athletes from Queensland, then 5) athletes from other States. At each level the order has been generated randomly.


Click on the following relevant link for the Roles and Responsibilities of the State Team Managers/Assistant Managers, State Team Athlete Representatives and Category Captains


In addition to the competitions to find the best Ninjas in each race category there will also be a State Champions Competition. A trophy will be awarded to the winning State based on the top 5 competitors in each race category. The athlete who finishes first in their race category will score 5 points for their State, the athlete finishing 2nd will score 4 point etc. The State Champion will be announced after the Elite Presentation on Sunday evening.




No refunds given unless event is cancelled. If event date and/or venue is changed or the event is postponed, your registration will automatically be transferred to the new date/venue. If you are unable to attend the new date/venue, a refund of 50% of the entry fee less admin and banking fees applies. Refund requests must be made at least 2 weeks prior to event date.


Race Director: Emma Teede

Assistant Race Director: Sheri Thompson

Media Director: Sabrina Johnston

Event Director: Nathan Burley

Admin Director: Jeff Coombes

Assistant Admin Director: Elaine Allen