World Ninja Games Virtual 2020

World NINJA Series 2020

Virtual 1 is now open! Register here

Anyone can compete in this virtual event, for all ages and abilities. The goal for World Ninja Games virtual series is to help you stay fit and compare yourself with anyone (or everyone) else in the world.

As ANG’s 2020 Nationals is postponed, we will hold a Ninja Virtual Games. This event is open to ninjas around the world. Virtual dare all your friends.

Athletes must submit verification of their obstacle course, points and time.

ANG virtual will occur monthly from July 2020. A new set of obstacle exercises will be announced for each series.

Only one race submission is allowed each month.

**If you choose to run outside, please maintain social distance and follow your local government regulations.

Feedback is welcome, please email us at

Thank you to

Tayla Teede for preparing the event (Qld Ninja Games)

Emma Teede (#AustralianWonderWomen) for designing and 

Kobe Teede (Centenary Playground) for testing our 1st course. 

Get recognised by making a submission for next months obstacles or course. Feedback is also welcome.


Everyone will receive a virtual certificate of completion. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, prizes to be announced soon.

Full Course
4 Steps
Monkey Bars
Balance Beam
Warp Wall