International Ninja Day

International Ninja Day, 5th of December!

Let’s celebrate International Ninja Day by doing the Ninja Workout, watching live videos, dressing up as a ninja and/or making ninja food!

Facebook Live Videos

Below is a link for the International Ninja Day Event and a Link to our ANG Ninja Page where we will be going live!

Facebook International Ninja Day Event:

ANG Facebook Page:

Live Feed Schedule! Brisbane, Australia Time

International Ninja Day WOD 5th of Dec to 12th of Dec


International Ninja Day WOD 

Enter your ninja workout score on conquest link above. These WOD results are accessible to ninjas in Australia and even around the world. It is FREE so get your friends, family and favourite athlete to have a go.

You will only need a clock and a pull-up bar.


Options: 15min or 10min RX or Scale

20 jumping lunges 

20 climbers 

20 jumping lunges 

max pull-ups 

max leg raises

40 burpees with a pushup and a jump knee tuck 

Complete as many reps as possible in the 15mins.